Qualifications & Experience
For 11 years I was an international hockey player, representing England through the junior ranks, then playing for England and Great Britain at senior level. After taking a degree in geography (BA Hons) at Royal Holloway, University of London, I worked for a short while in human resources for Unilever on their graduate management training programme, before starting my training in counselling. I am now a BACP Accredited Counsellor and a UKRCP Registered Independent Counsellor. I graduated from the Gestalt Centre in London with a diploma in counselling in 2005 and gained my BACP Accredited status in 2007.
Throughout my 2 year gestalt training, I worked with clients in private practice at Spiral, a holistic therapy centre based in Islington. I have undergone intensive personal therapy (individual and group) over a number of years and I have a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development. My current interest is in body psychotherapy, learning to retune to the signals our body is giving us and respecting its wisdom.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to its Code of Ethics and Practice. I am professionally insured and am in regular supervision with an experienced psychotherapist, to ensure that I am offering the best possible service.

Issues in which I have particular experience include:-
- Ill health and chronic pain
- Depression
- Identity
- Self image/body issues
- Loss and grief
- Low self esteem
- Major life change (e.g. retirement)
- Anxiety
- Stress
- Trauma
My Philosophy
My approach to counselling is holistic, recognising the importance of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Through counselling, I aim to provide you with a safe and supportive space in which you can experience yourself authentically. I recognise that life can be a difficult and painful journey, yet I have a firm belief in people and in hope. As a counsellor I can not change your situation nor give you advice, but I can help you explore and unlock your own resources and I will stand by your side. However dark it gets, there is always blue sky out at sea. My Cope Counselling logo is an abstract of blue sky out at sea: it encapsulates the bedrock of my philosophy – hope, belief and understanding.
My wish to bring counselling and sport together comes from my view that these two facets are beacons of joy, vibrancy and love in a world that can feel void of these. Within sport and counselling you experience the full spectrum of human emotion, get in touch with your inner potential and energy and share all this with another.
My wish to provide counselling for people with M.E stems from my passion to support people who are overlooked in our society. Our society functions in black and white. You’ve either got a tangible illness or you haven’t. Yet there are so many people out there struggling to live in the grey. 
Although my two areas of focus are sport and M.E, I do not wish to be exclusive and am keen to work with people from all backgrounds. I value diversity and honour the uniqueness of each individual and their differing needs.
Above all, my wish for any individual is for them to live more fully and comfortably with themselves. I want to inspire people to fulfil their potential and live life’s magic to the full.