“Lucy's non-judgmental approach made me feel safe to explore my immediate problems and helped me take incremental steps to a new future, untangling my mind to see clarity."
Natalie 2012
“Lucy is an incredibly empathetic and skilled counsellor, helping me to become accepting of myself. She helped me make amazing progress with my issues by being a supportive, intuitive and caring counsellor. ”
G Charlton 2011
“Lucy is an exceptional person and a brilliant counsellor, for anyone looking for understanding and empathy and a mainly non-directional approach to solving problems. ”
Andrew 2011
“I would recommend Lucy for helping to solve practical and emotional problems. I found her to be very good at getting to the nub of the matter and at each session working together as a team to find practical ways to move forward. She has a constant and encouraging presence which helps you to feel confident about making progress with painful and uncomfortable things. I couldn’t praise her highly enough for getting me out of a rut I had been in for over a year. ”
Emma 2011
“Lucy’s style of counselling is warm and empathetic, providing a safe and non-judgemental space to work through difficult issues. She helped me so much, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone”
Esther 2011
“Lucy was ever so patient and very empathic. I loved this approach to therapy as it taught you to utilise all the tools you have and your support system around you. Therefore you were not dependant on anyone else but you had the key, you just had to search for it. It was very empowering and you do a lot reflecting- an incredibly emotional experience with highs and lows. But without it I wouldn’t be where I am today and able to say that I have made a full recovery against all odds!”
Helen 2010
“I experienced Lucy as warm, attentive and really straining to understand me. With this support, I could venture into areas I had previously not explored with somebody.”
Christopher 2009
“Lucy showed an enormous level of understanding and empathy. Her gentle style allowed me a breathing space to understand myself and my reactions to situations which caused me anxiety.”
CM 2009
“Thank you for all the support you gave me, Lucy. It’s been so helpful to be able to be frank about thoughts and feelings and to learn that expressing these is perfectly fine and human - and that I have a right to this.
It was great to be able to have someone who could listen without a biased opinion and look with me at different sides of the picture. It helped me tremendously and I feel I moved forward and can be more truthfully myself.
Thank you for laughing with me and thank you for being there when I cried.”
AM 2008